Kidney Walk at Mercer County Park

At daybreak on Sunday, May 22, several Beta Nu Brothers woke up to make their way to Mercer County Park by 6:30am to help set up and run the National Kidney Foundation’s New Jersey Kidney Walk. Our advisor, Dr. Abazia, has been helping out with them for years and Beta Nu is happy to make supporting this cause with him an annual tradition. This year was the walk’s largest showing so far, with an estimated 1000 attendees! Our very own Rohan Chittella starred as Sidney the Kidney, making the day for children and families all around the park. Seeing this walk grow has been a rewarding experience and it’s exciting to share this day with our advisor.

P4 Student Roundtable

After our former P4s had finished the stress and anxiety suffocating them in midyear, many of them were able to bring back good news in late April. Many of our now alumni have gotten into residencies, fellowships, community practice, and entry-level industry positions. The question we younger brothers anxiously ask is "How? What do we need to do? What should we be doing now to prepare? What kinds of jobs are actually out there?" A panel of 8 brothers along with professional committee hosted a P4 round-table to answer questions for younger students and pass off their fresh wisdom and knowledge. Topics ranged from preparing for midyear, how to survive rotations, what kind of community position

Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget.

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