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Phi Delta Chi is the first Professional Co-Ed Pharmacy Fraternity ever established. Founded November 2, 1883 at the University of Michigan by Albert Benjamin Prescott, the original Alpha Chapter began with 11 Brothers. As of today, there are over 100 chapters chartered in colleges and universities nationwide with over 66,000 Brothers in all.

As a professional fraternity, Phi Delta Chi stands behind the advancement of the science of pharmacy and its allied interests. As a fraternity, the equal treatment of each other in terms of trust and respect is highly valued as our chief objective is to promote a strong fraternal bond among all of the Brothers. Phi Dex Brothers are and will always be: "Brothers for Life."

The Beta Nu chapter of Phi Delta Chi here at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey was founded on May 2, 1992. The chartering Alpha Class consists of 32 Brothers, and today there are over 70 active Brothers at the Beta Nu chapter. In total, over 460+ men and women call themselves Brothers of the Beta Nu chapter.

We, the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi’s Beta Nu chapter, hope that you enjoy your visit to our website. We strongly urge you to consider the opportunities that await you within Phi Delta Chi at the Beta Nu chapter of Rutgers University – Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.


Meet Our Executive Board

2022 - 2023


Worthy Chief Counselor

Gabriel Santos

"I hope to ensure the success and longevity of Beta Nu. I want to show the Chapter what it means to be a part of Phi Delta Chi and the excitement that comes with it..."


Worthy Vice Counselor

Alex Michno

"My hope is to be able to provide Brothers with the tools they need to succeed in the profession and create a long-lasting culture of involvement in our Chapter..."


Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals

Ashley Kang

"My goal is to have a wider variety of events for Brothers to attend. From RUDM to smaller gatherings, I want to help Brothers, new and old, to bond as one Chapter..."


Worthy Keeper of Finance

Kurt Langomes

"I'm excited for the memories we'll make together as being leaders in the Brotherhood. With these guys, I don't think there's any way for us to go but up..."


Worthy Correspondent

Sirisha Neti

"I am looking forward to using my creativity and writing skills, and engaging the whole Brotherhood to create beautiful publications and hopefully win the Thurston Cup again!"


Worthy Prelate

Charine Leuterio

"I wanted to challenge myself by taking on more leadership roles and I’m so glad I get to do it with this group.  I can’t wait to grow with the Brotherhood and see where this year will take us!"


Worthy Alumni Liason

Alexa Bazsa

"I believe that great professional relationships start with respect and friendship, and I hope to facilitate the initial friendly connection between our current brothers and alumni..."


Worthy Master-at-Arms

Katherine Oleschuk

"I’m excited to fully immerse myself in welcoming our newest members! Introducing another generation of pharmacy students into Phi Delta Chi is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for during my time as a Brother..."


Worthy Inner Guard

Andrew Cooper

"I am excited to see our new members develop professionally and interpersonally and find that support group that helps to get them through pharmacy school. I hope to teach them what it means to be a Brother of Beta Nu..."


Worthy Inner Guard

Nick Lui

"I am extremely excited to guide new members into our Brotherhood with the implementation of selflessness, dedication, and passion that all Brothers in Phi Delta Chi uphold."

Committee Chairs 

2022 - 2023


Annie Zhao & Pricy George


Namita Kalghatgi & Stacey Zhang


An Nguyen & Ivy Shin


Noah Novera & Sophie Gao


Talib Haider & Elijah Vito


Ace Baek & Karen Le


Bon Jean Koo & Keean Saadi

Flu Clinic

Regina Ng & Samantha Li

Movement for Women's Health Awareness

Arthi Baskaran & Lizzy Leoniuk

Internal Support

Yulina Li & Anthony Wong

PGC Representative

Racheal Ezomo

PFC Representative

Bill Shin

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