PDC Volunteers for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

On Halloween day, Brothers went to give back to the community by heading to Six Flags Great Adventure. Partnering with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, a tent was set up by the SuperMan roller coaster that gave park guests access to students and healthcare professionals about diabetes education and the importance of health insurance. We also helped Horizon set up a raffling game that gave park guests the opportunity to win a free park fast pass. Park guests were signed up to receive health insurance newsletters from Horizon and were given pamphlets on hypoglycemia and diabetes medication. Seeing as it was Halloween Day, we also had a chance to walk with the zombies after dark. We were able to

Pharmacy Advocacy Month Joint Event

On Tuesday, October 13, the professional committee partnered with Alpha Zeta Omega and Lambda Kappa Sigma to put on a joint event for Pharmacy Advocacy Month. The event, titled “Relationships: Expanding the Inter-professional Roles in Healthcare,” centered around the importance of communication among healthcare providers in providing optimal patient care. The event started with a brief presentation that focused on how recent advancements in pharmacy have allowed pharmacists to have a larger role in patient care. The main focus was on the pharmacist’s new roles in smoking cessation, immunizations, and the advent of EHR. In order to demonstrate the value of communication among healthcare profe

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