Alumni Banquet at Alfonso's Trattoria

With a turn-out of over 80 Brothers, including 17 alumni, this year’s Alumni Banquet was a huge success! It was a huge honor to plan this event as WAL because this huge P4 class has done so much for the Fraternity. The night began with announcing the Brothers voted to receive scholarships to LDS, based on their selflessness, leadership, and potential. Our generous alumni donated enough to send four brothers to St. Louis! It was so great to have a large alumni presence here to show them how far we have come thanks to their support. After a delicious buffet of Italian food at a family restaurant, we began the speeches that Littles prepared for their Bigs. These speeches are personally my favor

WingDing Regional Event in Albany, NY

Every semester, one of the most anticipated regional events for the Northeast region, is an event called Wing Ding. Hosted in Albany, New York, Beta Nu is always excited to send brothers for a day to share unlimited wings with regional brothers and alumni. Always timed after our imitations, Wing Ding serves as a great way to transition new brothers into the fraternity and expose them to the brotherhood outside of Beta Nu. During the spring semester, Beta Nu sent an incredible number, 30 brothers, to Wing Ding, including newly initiated brothers, older brothers, and alumni. Ultimately, Wing Ding is cherished as a great Northeast regional event, where brothers of all years can enjoy brotherhoo

Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget.

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